One hallmark of the Society is its relaxed, friendly approach to photography. Newcomers are most welcome to call in any Monday evening and join a meeting or two without obligation or cost. We will be very pleased to see you and to try and help with any photographic problem you want to raise.

On this website you will find an introduction to the club and our committee, a programme of the season’s meetings and galleries of members photographs. There are details of where we meet every Monday in Ponteland, Northumberland, (click here for a map), contact information and a list of our helpful workshops.

Ponteland Photographic Society is a member of the Northern Counties Photographic Federation (NCPF) in the North Tyne Area. Through the NCPF we are affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB). These umbrella groups help to organise activities and competitions between the clubs and internationally with the main aim being “The Advancement of Photography”.

Please take a look around our website to discover more about the society. If you require further information please contact one of the committee members shown on our About the Club page.

PPS BLOG for all our latest news

Keeping abreast of technology

Last night’s meeting brought members up-to-date with the possibilities of using our mobile phones and iPads as well as our cameras. It was enlightening but in some respects a challenge when faced with ever-changing tools and software.
Rod Smith, our Chairman followed this with a very useful review of our Club website and encouraged us to upload our newest images.
Phil Robson took us into the realm of the Global Photographic Game “Gurushots”. We are entering this on-line competition. We send in image files answering challenges on ever-changing themes. Phil will do the work involving monitoring our status. We are greatly encouraged to find ourselves several levels higher than when we began! Thank you Rod and Phil for a very interesting evening.

Monday’s Treasure Hunt

As we assembled, the evening was rather wet, but it was decided that we should go out and see how things went. Five teams were clutching the Question sheet, ably drawn up by Veronica. The questions were not all easily answered and we were scudding about the village like little flotillas!
Cameras at the ready, we hoped we had found the correct answers.
Where is the Constellation? Yes, The Great Bear at the Seven Stars!
Where do you sign? Oh, yes, at Mark Small’s Signature!
Kath thought she had found the answer to Eight Pints? She popped into the Diamond and found 8 Beer Pumps – this had to be right! But, no, as we found out later – it was the name Gallon on a tombstone!
Back to Merton Hall for a welcome hot beverage and the summing-up.
We five girls won!! Two points ahead of the next group, who had 33.
It was fun! It was a chance to work together. And Ruth even saw a hedgehog across the path. Thank you for a well-organised Hunt, Veronica!

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