Print Competition 16 February 2009

This years Print Competition was won by Frank Thomson with his stunning image of "The Precipice". Frank also took second place with "The Swinging Sixties" and Peter Curran was awarded third with "Joseph’s Christening". Out of a total entry of 49 prints, nine other images were Highly Commended by judge Brian Wilcockson from Durham.

2nd place The Swinging Sixties by Frank Thomson

The overall standard of entries was high and we are grateful to Brian for his hard work to separate the top prints, giving such measured feedback, and also for rearranging his visit to us after the heavy snow of three weeks ago. Congratulations to all members who entered - there was certainly some excellent images on show.

3rd place
Joseph’s Christening
by Peter Curran

Audio Visual Competition 12 January 2009

This years competition was won by Mike Sadler with his A/V show "Land of Fire" which impressed our judge, Barbara Hogg from Cramlington, with its blending of images and music.

The total of ten entries was up on last year, indicating the growing interest from members in this form of show. Barbara awarded second place to Mike for his show "The Garden" which featured Alnwick Garden. She also commended Peter Curran's entry "Our Forces at War" for it's particularly moving theme.

2nd place The Garden by Mike Sadler

It was good to see a number of first time A/V entries from  members and in later discussion it is clear that members are interested in learning more about how to make an A/V show.

Projected Images Competition 8 December 2008

This year the Projected Images competition was won by Gary Smith
with this still life photograph entitled

Our Annual Projected Image Competition attracted 66 entries from 14 members and showed a high standard of photography throughout with an unusually wide range of subjects. Our Judge, Bill Stephens from Cramlington, gave the most constructive and thoughtful feedback which members found particularly valuable. He selected seven images for special commendation, with Lunch by Gary Smith just edging the winning spot from Gelateria by the same author and Door Handle by Ian Woodrow. Congratulations to everyone who entered - a really good standard that raises the bar for next year.

2nd place Gelateria by Gary Smith

The Clash by Claire Corbett

3rd place Door Handle
by Ian Woodrow

Wise Young Sage by Hank Craggs

Highly Commended
Fractalius Orchid
by Ian Woodrow

Provencal Shepherdess by Gary Smith

Knockout Competition 10 November 2008

This year’s knockout competition was won by Alastair Ruffman
with his Black & White image
“The Wilson Run”

The Wilson Run 2008, better known as "The 10", was held at Sedbergh School in Cumbria. It is an annual event held for over 100 Years.
The lead runner is Michael Murray who went on to win the race. Taken with a Nikon D300 and a Sigma 10-20mm on tripod with cable release. Originally shot in RAW format and converted to black and white. Adjusted by 3 separate conversions (for sky, hills, foreground) and then levels adjusted and blended in Photoshop. Finally a High Dynamic Range effect over the top at about 40% opacity.

Shown below are the other seven photographs which made the quarter finals of the competition

The Sage by Dennis Oliver

St. Mary’s Lighthouse
by Arthur Covington

Kites by Mike Sadler

Sports Day
by Alastair Ruffman

Standby for Take-off
by Frank Thomson

Storm by Mike Sadler

Dancers by Monica Archer

In the Knockout Competition, a pair of images, each from a different author, is projected simultaneously, and after a moment's viewing, the audience votes to put their preferred image into the next round. The first round comprises all the entries projected in randomly selected pairs (but separating those from the same author), with the winner from each pair going into the next round, and so on until the overall winner is chosen from the final pair of photos.

This year, 16 members entered 32 photos. To do well, an image needs a strong immediate impact on screen and the evening was full of close voting, the coincidence of similar subjects paired together and the excitement of audience involvement. A sort of "Strictly Come Photography"!