Set Subject 2 -  Colour 19 March  2012

Fibonacci Stairs by Hank Craggs

For the second time this season the Set Subject competition made an appearance and again we have been lucky enough to secure the services of a talented external judge. Alan McCormick LRPS, from Hexham and District Photographic Society, was given over 50 images to study and gave us useful critiques on every entry. Alan selected “Fibonacci Stairs” by Hank Craggs as the winning photograph  - a picture taken in the Vatican featuring a dual spiral staircase. Hank was also awarded second place with “Ferrous Wheel” while Helen Bradley’s “Rainbow Marble” completed the top three positions.
Highly Commended was awarded to four photographs; All Ablaze by Mike Sadler, Black Smoke by Alastair Ruffman, Roses by Kevin Allen and finally, Hank again with Idyll del Gelato.
The judge was also good enough to nominate nine pictures as Commended; Falling Arrows by Mike Sadler, Dualling Guitars by Rod Smith, Family Portrait by Alastair Ruffman, Prestwick Poppies by Bill Norfolk, Stone Wall by Frank Thomson, Letting Off Steam by Alastair Ruffman, The Boat With a Hole by Kevin Allen, Yellowstone Canyon Wall by Frank Thomson and Water Lillies by Hank Craggs.

Ferrous Wheel by Hank Craggs
Rainbow Marble by Helen Bradley
Idyll del Gelato by Hank Craggs

Second place Hank Craggs Ferrous Wheel

Third place Helen Bradley Rainbow Marble

Black Smoke by Alastair Ruffman
Roses by Kevin Allen

Highly Commended Hank Craggs
Idyll del Gelato

All Ablaze by Mike Sadler

Highly Commended Alastair Ruffman Black Smoke

Highly Commended Kevin Allen Roses

Highly Commended Mike Sadler All Ablaze

Projected Digital Images 27 February 2012

This competition presented our judge, Gerry Adcock from Ryton Camera Club, with a bumper selection of over seventy images for his perusal. Many of the images where of a very high standard which resulted in seven pictures being selected as Highly Commended.
This was Gerry’s first visit to Ponteland and his comments, particularly concerning how he would have improved an image, were very useful and instructive.
Gerry finally chose Alastair Ruffman’s dramatic monochrome “Astronomical Clock Tower Lift - Prague” as the winning entry. This was a brilliant portrail of a spectacular creation especially since Alastair had also entered a colour version viewed from the opposite direction!
Second place was taken by Bill Norfolk’s “Derwent Water Mist”. A delighful picture, well balanced with the water in the foreground and the ethereal mist almost covering the hill in the distance.
Michael Balfour’s “Open Tulip” completed the podium places and really leapt out from the screen with it’s sharpness and exciting array of colours. Congratulations to all the winners especially Alastair and Michael who also received Highly Commended for a second entry in the competition.

Astronomical Clock Tower Lift-Prague by Alastair Ruffman
Derwent Water Mist by Bill Norfolk

Second place Bill Norfolk Derwent Water Mist

Open Tulip by Michael Balfour

Third place Michael Balfour Open Tulip

I've Got My Eye on You by Mike Sadler
Granny's pride & joy by Marjorie Wilkinson

HC Marjorie Wilkinson Granny’s Pride & Joy

 Kestrel by Michael Balfour

HC Michael Balfour Kestrel

When the Boat Came In by Alastair Ruffman

HC Mike Sadler I’ve Got My Eye on You

HC Alastair Ruffman When the Boat Came In

Autumn Hoverfly by Ian Woodrow

HC Ian Woodrow Autumn Hoverfly

Small Masks by Barbara Hogg

HC Barbara Hogg Small Masks

Soar by Jess Keating

HC Jess Keating Soar

Set Subject 1 -  Fine Art 12 December 2011

This was our second season for the first of two set subject competitions for digital images. This year external judges have been invited to cast their critical eye over member’s pictures and select 1st, 2nd and 3rd places along with a selection which they think merits Highly Commended.
Our judge for the Fine Art competition was Vince Rooker ARPS DPAGB APAGB EFIAP, someone who previously presented his own excellent images at Merton Hall. Vince started by explaining that he had needed to research the definition of Fine Art before he started to look at our pictures - something which had also challenged members!
In total there were over 50 entries for the competition with members showing some real imagination interpreting the brief. Vince chose Hank Craggs creative photograph “After Piranesi, a Long Way After” as the winning entry with another of his pictures “Suspended Amouration” coming in third. Splitting Hank’s two images was “Farewell” by Kevin Allen the creation of which will no doubt become a subject in it’s right later on this website!

Farewell by Kevin Allen
After Piranesi, a Long Way After by Hank Craggs

First place After Piranesi, a Long Way After by Hank Craggs

Suspended Amouration by Hank Craggs

Second place Kevin Allen Farewell

Third place Hank Craggs Suspended Amouration

Waiting For Her Adam by Ian Woodrow

Highly Commended Ian Woodrow
Waiting For Her Adam

Art 10 by Ken Godfrey

Highly Commended Ken Godfrey Art 10

Keelmen Heaving in Coals by Moonlight, Turner, National Gallery by Frank Thompson

Highly Commended  Frank Thompson
Keelmen Heaving in Coals by Moonlight,
Turner, National Gallery

Saving the Euro by Kathrine Guellard

Highly Commended Katherine Guellard
Saving the Euro

Yellow Orchids by Bill Norfolk

Highly Commended Bill Norfolk
Yellow Orchids

Art 11 by Ken Godfrey

Highly Commended Ken Godfrey Art 11

Print Competition 24 October 2011

All in a Row by Veronica Congleton

This year’s judge was Jim Welsh LRPS CPAGB from Blyth Photographic Society and members certainly keep him busy with a bumper crop of entries for the competition! Jim is a good friend of Ponteland Photographic Society and has previously presented his own excellent pictures for the club on more than one occasion. His brand of humour, coupled with interesting critiques on every print entered made for a very special evening.
Jim chose Veronica Congleton’s “All in a Row” as the best print with “What’s a Railcard”, a monochrome study taken during our recent club trip to Beamish, by Alastair Ruffman in second place. Veronica also bagged third spot with “Yusef”.
Also displayed below are the four entries which Jim selected as Highly Commended. Well done to everyone who entered.

What's a Railcard? by Alastair Ruffman
Yusef by Veronica Congleton
Upturned by Kevin Allan

Second place Alastair Ruffman What’s a Railcard?

Third place Veronica Congleton Yusef

The Lobhorn by Frank Thomson The Justistal Valley by Frank Thomson Last Performance by Mike Sadler

Highly Commended Frank Thomson The Lobhorn & The Justial Valley

HC Mike Sadler Last Performance

HC Kevin Allan Upturned

Knockout 10 October 2011

The annual Knockout competition was once again well supported by members with 40 entries into the competition. Photographs are displayed two at a time on individual screens and members select their preferred picture with a show of hands. The order in which pictures are displayed is quite random and some of the rounds drew gasps from the audience as they were forced to select between quite different portrayals of the same subject.
After 8 rounds of voting members selected “Who’s for Lunch”, a beautiful study of an Eagle Owl, by Michael Balfour as the winner. Second place went to Frank Thomson’s “Rescue Mission” with Bill Norfolk’s “The One that got Away” third and in fourth place was Kevin Allan with a monochrome study, “Lilies”.

Rescue Mission by Frank Thomson

Second place Rescue Mission by Frank Thomson

Who's for Lunch by Michael Balfour

First place Who's for Lunch by Michael Balfour

The One that got Away by Bill Norfolk

Third place The One that got Away by Bill Norfolk

Lilies by Kevin Allan

Fourth place Lilies by Kevin Allan

One Shot 35mm Project 19 September 2011

Whilst not strictly speaking a competition members did vote for their favourite picture from the summer One Shot project.

The assignment was to take a single image with an unfamiliar camera in a limited time period. Initially the idea was to use a single 35mm film camera before it becomes impossible to have the film easily developed. So many members wanted to take part that we were forced to use two broadly similar cameras, a Canon EOS 100 and a Canon EOS 600, bravely loaned by Mike and Frank. The film used was Fujifilm Superia 200ASA which rather suited the dull weather this summer! Each person was only allowed to take a single picture which inverted the current thinking when using a digital camera - members need to plan BEFORE pressing the shutter release instead of working in Photoshop during post production. A real step back in time!

The films were processed, printed and  scanned by Robertson’s of Gosforth in less than an hour and member’s initially viewed the scanned images using the digital projector. After that we browsed the prints before finally voting using Veronica’s traditional business card system. While the votes were counted each photographer described the challenges they had faced from selecting a subject to choosing the camera settings.

Big Pete by Mike Sadler
Wheels by Brian Edlin

Second place Brian Edlin Wheels

The winning image selected by members was “Big Pete” taken by Mike Sadler at Northumberland County Show - the fast moving subject was a brave choice when you only have one attempt at the picture!

Second was Brian Edlin’s “Wheels” - a new angle on a view at Woodhorn Colliery near Ashington. The image invites viewers to count the number of colliery wheels on show.

Third place went to Gordon Bennett. “Tyne” caught the perfect symmetry between the fisherman’s rod and the curve of some of the most iconic bridges on the River Tyne.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the challenging project which not only presented some interesting photographs but made us all think differently before pressing the button!

Tyne by Gordon Bennett

Third place Gordon Bennett Tyne