Ponteland Photographic Society

Competition Results 2019-20

Set Subject – Still Life – 2nd December 2019
A new area for most members so we ran a Still Life workshop last month to help out. This proved to be well worthwhile though as the competition certainly produced a wide range of high quality entries from members.
Judge Jim Welsh from Blyth Photographic Society made some very interesting observations about all of the pictures and completed the entertain and educate mission with aplomb! Jim will be returning in February to show us some of his pictures so this evening was really a part one of two. There was a good selection of seasonal images and Jim chose Tony McCann’s Prosecco study for first place. In second spot was Les Dodd with Playing the Spoons and third The Old Stable by Phil Robson. There were five Highly Commended photos; Cello by Ruth Oatway, Cottage Garden by Helen Bradley, Sleepers by Mike Sadler, Wooden Lady by Fara Serajian and finally another image from Tony McCann – Makeup Brushes.
Click here to see the full list of entries

1st place Prosecco by Tony McCann
2nd place Playing the Spoons by Les Dodd
3rd place The Old Stables by Phil Robson

Next competition – Open Print 27th January 2020

Open PDI Competition – 21st Oct 2019
Many thanks to Bill Broadley from Blyth Photographic Society for literally stepping in at the last minute to judge this year’s Digital Images competition. Jane Black was unfortunately hospitalised and Bill took on the responsibility of sifting through almost 50 images inside of four days – quite an achievement. Members were appreciative as Bill gave an excellent study for every picture entered. He did mention at the start of the evening that we appear to be heavy into a certain genre which became apparent as Phil Robson took first AND second places with his wildlife studies, Peek a Boo and Little Red. Third place was filled by Les Dodd with another nature shot – Common Blue – to complete the clean sweep for the natural history fans. Bill also chose four images as Highly Commended and they are also shown below. The full list of entries is available by clicking here

1st Place Peek a Boo by Phil Robson
2nd Place Little Red by Phil Robson
3rd Place Common Blue by Les Dodd
Highly Commended – Marley Hill by Fara Serajian
Highly Commended – Kes by Phil Robson
Highly Commended – Water Lily by Kath Guellard
HC – Waves against the Wind by Bill Norfolk

Knockout Competition – 30th Sept 2019
The first competition of the season produced some excellent entries and made the decisions really close for the vote counters – several rounds even required re-counts as the tension mounted!
At the end of the evening members chose an action shot of a Kingfisher – complete with stickleback – by Fara Sarajian as the winning photograph. In second place was a sunlit Seascape by Mike Sadler. In the third place play-off June Atkinson’s Puma narrowly beat the Squirrel from Phil Robson.
The top pictures are shown below and you can click here to see the full list of entries.

1st place Kingfisher by Fara Serajian
2nd place Seascape by Mike Sadler
3rd place Puma by June Atkinson
4th place Squirrel by Phil Robson