Ponteland Photographic Society

Hosting club

General rules applying to both competitions (Dates shown at bottom of page)

  1. The competitions will be held annually during the last week of November (Prints) & March (PIs) – Easter & other factors permitting.
  2. The host club may nominate which evening in the week and must notify the other North Tyne Area clubs of the date and venue in good time i.e. by May prior to the season so that the dates may be included in club programmes.
  3. The entries must be handed in 4 – 5 weeks before the event date, as designated by the host club & taking account of the judge’s needs.
  4. 8 entries per club may be submitted, no more than 2 per author.
  5. No author may submit work on behalf of more than one club.
  6. All entries submitted should originate from the personal work of the individual entrant, using light falling on photosensitive medium.
  7. There must be no indication of the author’s name on any entry, nor which club he/she is representing. Also the list of entries presented to the judge will give no indication of the authors’ names or their club.
  8. A score sheet of all the entries & their clubs will be prepared by the host club for use by the audience.
  9. Individual scores will be marked out of 30. The scores will be aggregated per club and the highest scoring club will be deemed the winner. In the event of a tie then those clubs with the same highest mark will be deemed joint winners.
  10. Trophies will be awarded to the winning club (to be shared in the event of a tie) and to the author of the highest scoring entry in the competition. Only one entry should receive the highest  mark.  All trophies must be returned prior to the following year’s competition or brought along on the night.
  11. It is the responsibility of the host club to book a suitable experienced judge from outside the North Tyne Area who appears on the interclub (or levels above) judges’ list.
  12. Copyright remains with each author, but the competition organisers may use the images for media purposes.
  13. Entries may be submitted on a once only and for all basis. Re-submissions of entries in the following or subsequent years will not be permitted.
  14. Neither the judge, the host club nor North Tyne Area Committee will be held responsible for any damage or loss to the entries.  All work is submitted at the author’s own risk.
  15. Adequate Public Liability Insurance at the chosen venue is essential and it is the responsibility of the host club to ensure that this is in place.
  16. Finance
  • The host club will charge an entry fee (the amounts to be approved by the North Tyne Area Committee), generating sufficient budget to defray the main anticipated costs of the competition i.e. judge’s expenses, basic catering, printing of scoresheets, room hire (if applicable) and trophy engraving. The entry fee may be further subsidised by raffles, tombolas, domino cards, or any other reasonable means thought appropriate.
  • A financial statement of income and expenditure must be provided by the host club to the North Tyne Area Treasurer. Any surplus of income over expenditure of the basic budget based on club entry fee must be paid to the Treasurer.
  • The host club will be liable for any losses made.

Host clubs should refer to the detailed Guidelines which contain in-depth information drawn from communal experience of organising these competitions.

Print Competition – additional rules

  • Prints may be home or commercially processed
  • Monochrome or colour prints are acceptable in any combination
  • All prints must be mounted and no mount shall exceed 20 x 16 in (50 x 40cm preferred)
  • All prints must state the title on the reverse, but should not indicate the name or club of the author

Projected Images Competition – additional rules

  • The images may be in Digital or Slide format in any combination
  • Digital entries must be submitted as JPEG files not exceeding 900KB in size
  • The image size should be no more than 1050 pixels high and up to 1400 pixels wide
  • Each image must state the title
  • Club digital entries may be handed in on a CD or may be submitted by email, subject to consent by the host club Competition Secretary
  • Slides will be of the 2” x 2” format – encased in glass standard mounts, correctly spotted and titled.


Hosting Club Dates

Projected Digital Images PDI – March

2023 Whitley Bay
2024 Cramlington
2025 Tynemouth
2026 North Shields
2027 Gosforth
2028 Ponteland
2029 Whitley Bay

Print Competition – November

2023 Tynemouth
2024 Gosforth
2025 Cramlington
2026 Ponteland
2027 Whitley Bay
2028 North Shields
2029 Tynemouth

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