Ponteland Photographic Society

Derwent Reservoir - 19th June 2023

June_ Reservoir _60

On a lovely evening, just as summer had started in the North East, June led an outing to the new hide at Derwent Reservoir. Here’s her report on the evening and a few pictures from the members;

“During the summer, members of Ponteland Photographic Society enjoy Outings, suggested often by members. On Monday, 19th June 2023, a group of seven of us travelled to the Derwent Reservoir to spend three hours from five o’clock at Pow Hill and then the Bird hide, which is situated on the north side of the reservoir.
We had hoped to see Red Squirrels in the copse at Pow Hill, but there weren’t any, so after strolling carefully through the reserve, we drove in convoy to the Bird hide.
Here, we were in luck! Two ospreys, three herons, two cormorants, graylag geese, lots of baby rabbits and a Roe Deer! Towards the end of our Watch, a Barn Owl swept past the Hide. In the field next to the Hide, there is an Owl Box in a well-camouflaged tree, so we left the Hide and walked along to see if the Owl was hunting. Sure enough it was, flying backwards and forwards across the field and clearly feeding young. Another Barn Owl joined in this hunting so it proved to be really exciting to watch!
It was a beautiful evening and despite the level of the water being much lower than normal, we felt we had seen and photographed some lovely birds.”
June Atkinson, Publicity Officer