Ponteland Photographic Society

A double Bill: Gurushots and Zimanga

Phil Dobson and June Atkinson stepped in at short notice to highlight two very different topics.
On our behalf, Phil is responsible for our participation in Gurushots, a global competition network of photographers.

Having seen how members have responded and entered images, we are doing well. We have moved from Newbie, through Rookie to Expert!! Well done everybody!

June Atkinson took us to South Africa in her presentation of Silence of Zimanga. This private reserve was a wonderful insight into the habitat and animals.

The group of twelve, led by Trai Anfield, had exclusive access to this idyllic and tranquil place, where the animals were so close! Photography of all kinds was a joy!

This reserve is unique in having created hides at the Lagoon and at the Night Pool. This allows access without the animals being aware of one’s presence.

It was a joy and a privilege to be in the presence of such a variety of animals and to witness conservation at work.