Ponteland Photographic Society

Guest Speaker: Mavis Ord DPAGB of Durham Photographic Society with ‘Retrospective’.

As we helped Mavis carry her boxes of photographs into Merton Hall, we knew we were in for a special presentation, one which reflected her long independent career, as she developed her own style and her own criteria. Her images were of global origin; clearly she enjoyed seeking out those special moments in time in countries as diverse as New Zealand and Cuba. Her self-achieved expertise in the dark room resulted in some amazing work, often of urban landscape and individual characters, whom she met on her extensive travels. We paused for a Coffee Break, then waited with heightened anticipation for the second box of her images. Again the variety, the diverse subjects, ranging from architecture to stunning shots of Gannets kept us enthralled beyond our normal finishing time. We salute a talented lady who clearly enjoys her photography.

Mavis Ord, past President of Durham PS reflects on her diverse work.