Ponteland Photographic Society

Creating a Storyline through Photography

I do hope that you found my presentation last Monday of interest and were encouraged to join in on what is a brilliant opportunity to increase your skill level and enjoyment of photography by taking photographs of a subject of interest to you, discuss your methods as well as critique your own work, evaluate the work of others and produce a series of images which demonstrate your progress and understanding of your chosen subject. 

The number of images produced is up to you as is the depth of research associated with your project subject matter, however you will need to be able to participate in informal discussions with your peers and respond to feedback given.
The exercise will progress over the season, we will meet outside of the club to share knowledge and discuss each other’s progress, styles and processing techniques on a regular basis. We will also provide updates on a club night.
I appreciate that not everyone needs this encouragement to get out and use their camera however, for those of us who do, it is a great way to develop, help yourself and others to improve, while at the same time learning about something of interest to you.

If you would like to participate please complete the form below by 30th September 2016.
Best regards Veronica

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