Ponteland Photographic Society

An evening with Phil Robson and Tony McCann

It’s always a pleasure to have our own members leading workshops. First, Phil Robson introduced “Capture the Moment”. Phil encouraged the use of a fast shutter speed to take sports images. Not only did he produce excellent examples; we were also encouraged to “have a go” with catching him playing with a tennis racket and ball. Easier said than done! For capturing accurate shots of fireworks, Phil recommends a slow shutter speed, ably shown in his accompanying images.
Tony McCann then introduced the topic of Flash Photography, where he excels in both his enthusiasm and skill. He encourages us to have a go! Clearly one needs a steady hand and a tripod!
It was an interesting, informative and challenging overview of just three aspects of photography. Our thanks are due to Phil and Tony for their willingness to share their experience and expertise.